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Role : Bass

Active member


He’s a musician, composer, performer but also Youtuber with his his channel Les Gammes de Jules.

Jules is also teacher with passion in music schools and music academies.

His technical abilities and musicality shall bring new perspectives for future songs.

He discovered the bass guitar at the age of 14 and soon decided to make it as a professional a few years after.

He followed a course at the CIM of Paris (school of Jazz and Current Music) followed by a year with the excellent Pasacal Mulot.

He graduated with CMF’s diploma (Francis Darizcurien).

Jules played in several acts such as DiXit, Magoa, The Verge Noydem, Pierre Edel (The Voice), Supachill and he also performed multiple shows, tours, supporting acts in various parts of the globe.

He’s currently member of Arthedone (French Music), Maëva (semi-finalist of The Voice) and joins Krysaor in 2022.



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