KRYSAOR reveals highly-anticipated album FOREWORD

[Paris, France] – Krysaor, the newest addition to the thriving metal scene, is set to release their highly-anticipated album, Foreword, on May,5th 2023. The album, which promises to be a great moment of heavy metal, will be available on all major streaming platforms as well as in physical format thanks to its release through M&O Music label and with Season Of Mist for worldwide distribution.
Foreword features 7 blistering tracks that showcase Krysaor’s incredible musicianship, songwriting skills, and passion for metal. It’s a journey through heavy, power, progressive and symphonic metal with the band’s immediately recognizable touch.
The album was recorded in Europe and Brazil and engineered by Fernando Peris from One Music Studio (Curitiba,Brazil).
According to Krysaor, Foreword is a culmination of years of hard work, especially the second half of 2022. It shows dedication and a shared love for all things metal related that cross their way along the years. « We wanted to create an album that would pay homage to the classics we grew up with while also bringing something fresh and exciting to the table. We wanted to do this musically of course, but also with the artwork and overall concept/ backstory that has been developed with our closest partners. Thus, the concept is merely introduced here as it’s just the Foreword, » says Arnaud Carnielli, Krysaor’s founding member.
Foreword is available for pre-order now, and fans who pre-order will receive access to exclusive content and much more to be revealed.

We are Celestial Legion !


The full tracklisting is as follows:
1. Celestial Sanctuary 4:49
2. Abyss Of Oblivion 3:36
3. By Your Side 7:17
4. The Disciple 4:15
5. Let There Be Light 5:12
6. Emperor Of The Seas 6:00
7. The Gate 8:50

Krysaor I

Krysaor’s debut album finally out !

Here we are, it’s release day and Krysaor’s debut album entitled Krysaor I is officially out on each and every digital platform (yes, each and every single digital platform – links at the bottom)

For diehard fellows, a physical release is planned later this year but for the moment, you’ll have to stick to the digital version.

We do hope that you’ll enjoy this album as much as we enjoyed making it.

We’re more than happy to finally be able to present it, to you and we’d be glad to get your feedback once you hear it.

On behalf of the band, I’d like to thank all the people around us who supported us during this long process.

Thanks to our amazing guests on this record: Flora Spinelli from bands Kerion and Secret Zero, Cyril Murano and John Sainturat.

Special thanks to Fernando Peris from One Music Studio for the sound, to Stéphane Baudino from Stolasprod for his outstanding artworks.

Many thanks to Pablo Parra for his work on some tracks during pre production time and to Joao Duarte for some beautiful artworks that we haven’t disclosed yet.

Thanks to Doc Olivier and Chris Garrel alongside the charming Vinyles Times Classic Rock Radio and Dreamcatcher‘s family for the great support.

Very special thanks to Alexandre Carnielli, Vanessa Guerry and Steven Le Bras.

Have a nice listening session guys.

Thanks a lot for your support !

PS: Links to the main platforms: